TV Wall Installation Melbourne – Considerations To Buy TV Wall Mount

People nowadays prefer to have a LED television blessed with a larger screen and better sound to get a complete theatrical effect. If you have also purchased a new television set, it is important for you to get a perfect wall mount that can give you a nice and better look, and also offers you with the best television viewing experience.

Here are certain important considerations that you need to keep in your mind when you are going to purchase a TV wall mount.

VESA requirements for your display

VESA is basically a standard used by TV manufacturers for the main purpose of mounting pattern on the back side of your television. The most common includes 75x75mm, 100x100mm, 200x100mm and also 200x200mm. This measurement is actually from left to right, and also from top to bottom.

Besides, you can also refer to user manual for your television set, or just measure these distances on your own. Besides, it is important to set your eyes on the weight and size of your TV set. There are some quality mounts made up of heavy gauge steel plates, arms and also hardware.

Type of TV wall mounting you are looking for

Well, you will be able to choose different kinds of mounting brackets. Take a look at certain options that you will get.

Tilting – Such mount is known for having a great capability of changing the complete viewing direction up or down – anywhere from 5 to 15 degree. If you would like the capability of changing your viewing angle up or down, then this is indeed a perfect mount for you. These can be easily installed by professionals who also perform TV antenna repairs in Melbourne.

Low profile – This is an important type of mount that generally sits on the wall like a complete picture frame would. It can’t move freely and generally has a small amount of space between the back of your TV and also the wall. Moreover, certain ultra slim low profile mounts can easily sit even closer to the wall, offering you the sleekest appearance possibly.

Swivel and tilt – Similarly the tilting mount, it is known for having a great capability of tilting up or down and also swivel left to right. These are generally referred as a corner friendly mounts since they are perfect in case you need to mount your display in the corner of your living room. These mounts tend to hang out much more than those of other mounts, and also can be easily pushed back against the wall.

Type of wall you are mounting your television on

Today, wooden stud has become the most common for wall, for securing the mount in better way. In order to locate the stud, you can use the stud finder. Once you find, you can mark the point successfully. For concrete wall, you can find concrete mounting anchors available for you to use.

Where mounting will take place?

Now you need to decide where you wish to mount your television set. For getting a complete viewing experience, you seek to place the mount about your eye level from the actual position you will be able to view from. You will also seek to consider leaving space for surround sound speakers.