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Welcome to Antenna Experts - TV Installation Service Melbourne

Do you have the right antenna system or struggling with TV reception?

Give us a call and we will be able to assist you with any of your needs directly!

Sometimes it can be difficult to know if the antenna is in the right place or how to use and set one up. However we are experienced in our specialisation of VHF and UHF, high gain and Digital & Analog TV antennas.

We also specialise in indoor (dipole and loop antennas) and outdoor (yogi and log periodic) installations. We will ensure that your antenna functions properly and the cabling is correctly installed and ready by our skilled technicians.

Antenna Experts can assist you with:

  • Any Questions and Free Advice
  • New Home Wiring Installation
  • MATV Installation
  • Home Theatre & Entertainment Installation
0420 867 176
0420 867 176
Electricians also available for all your electrical needs.

TV Antenna Installation & Repair Services Melbourne

Television is one of the biggest sources of entertainment for any household. Whether they have just one television in the living room or each bedroom with one television, if the viewing is disrupted in any way, it can be a bit unpleasant. Some of you might be familiar with the days when a TV antenna was placed on the roof or above television, which we fixed to get the perfect reception. Well, those days are long gone and now you have TV antenna installation and repair services in Melbourne. A team of professionals, who can take a very good care of all your antenna needs including installation and repair.

What makes us best?

We specialise in VHF, UHF, High Grain, Digital and Analog TV antennas covering all your needs. We are experienced in working with Indoor (dipole & loop antennas) and outdoor (Yogi & Log Periodic) installations. You can contact us anytime to resolve any reception related problem or if your antenna is damaged in any way. Our team will reach you in no time giving 100% satisfaction!

Our skilled technicians will not leave until your antenna is working properly and the cable correctly, giving you a flawless reception and television viewing experience, with a promise of good customer service by Antenna Experts.

Along with antennas, we also specialise in phone and data connection giving you a streamlined connectivity. If you want a new data connection or repair the existing one, Antenna Experts can do it for you in a jiffy!

We also provide electrician for your electric needs if you need someone. If you want to install a new television or want to change its place, our electrician will assist the antenna installation team giving you the best experience.

Antenna Experts believe in giving the best experience to the customers round the clock round the year!